Habitat for Humanity, in Rochester and throughout the nation, represents a community approach to providing low-cost yet quality housing to those who need it the most. Supporting this local effort, Hamilton Stern managers, supervisors and craftsmen volunteer their skills to help with the construction of a Habitat House in Rochester.

Quality craftsmanship, professional integrity and personal trust are the core values on which Hamilton Stern’s foundation is based. Without these, no foundation is solid.

We achieve candor in our communications and openness in our relationships with all involved – all to achieve value-added status of the projects we produce for our clients.

Of special importance is safety, which involves not just knowledge of local and state regulations and industry-wide standards but a mindset to apply them daily in every project we manage. Further, we comply with all environmental regulations and standards. This safety- and environmental-minded approach – before, during, and after the project – means that when our work is done, there will be no “surprises.”

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Hamilton Stern’s Foundation

Quality Craftsmanship

Long after the craftsmen have finished, their work must stand the test of time. It’s the details, noticed and appreciated months and years after the job is completed, that Hamilton Stern is most proud. The dedication to quality craftsmanship – what is immediately visible to the eye and what is not (such as in the foundations and other structural work) – defines a Hamilton Stern project.

Professional Integrity

More than saying our word is our bond, Hamilton Stern’s leadership personifies integrity and lives it every day. We have devoted our lives and livelihoods to a time-honored profession and have pledged to ourselves and our partners and clients to uphold and adhere to the highest of professional and ethical standards in all we do. Hamilton Stern holds memberships and leadership positions in a variety of professional and industry associations, such as The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Flower City Habitat for Humanity.

Personal Trust

Personal trust is expressed between and among Hamilton Stern partners, senior managers, employees and contractors. Personal trust enables others to speak freely, share ideas, make suggestions and explore options – all in a cooperative, constructive atmosphere. Personal trust extends to the architects and other professional firms that work with us, and to our clients and their representatives. When ideas are freely shared in a trusting, supportive environment, the best rise to the top – to the delight of all.