Project Gallery

The Hamilton Stern gallery is filled with inspiring creations and we want you to feel free to browse at your leisure. One suggestion: Look beyond the beautiful furnishings and decoration and appreciate the fine details and expert craftsmanship that is par for the course in every Hamilton Stern construction project.


Administrators know that today’s students want a contemporary look and feel throughout their campus. Especially in student life and study areas. Lighting, plumbing, electric service, insulation and design elements – when expertly installed – make it happen.


Professional Work Space

It’s the best investment management can make: comfortable, stylish, contemporary space for all who work there. Conference rooms. Offices. Restrooms. Break rooms. Lobbies. Make a statement to your employees and your clients. We’ll show you.



Proprietors know it and patrons feel it: Ambiance drives sales in a solid, stylish, contemporary and well-constructed establishment that complements the merchandise or service. Look for these assets in the examples below.



The confidence a patient has in a healthcare provider begins upon entering a contemporary, welcoming office. Providers want an easy interior flow, accessibility to supplies, and ease of maintenance.

The examples that follow represent different types of healthcare practices, yet each has been carefully considered, precisely planned and expertly executed.

Multi-family Housing

Here the concerns are different, be it for an apartment house or complex, or a facility for seniors. Private spaces, public spaces, and shared amenities and infrastructure.


Single Family Residential

Whatever the style imagined or the needs required, we pride ourselves in the personal, creative, hands-on approach we take in building or renovating your home. Your house is our house, at least while we’re working on it, and we want the best.