Our Markets


Administrators know that today’s students want a contemporary look and feel throughout their campus, especially in the student life, dormitories and study areas, but also in the laboratories, libraries, gyms, classrooms and lecture halls.

Further, the many ancillary services that make a school or campus run efficiently – offices, kitchens, power plants, storage – also demand contemporary, well-designed and constructed facilities.

Another factor is predictability – that the project is well-thought out and executed according to plan. Lighting, plumbing, electric service, framing, insulation and the design elements – when expertly installed – make all of this happen.


The confidence a patient has in a healthcare provider begins upon entering a contemporary, welcoming and relaxing office – well-constructed with attention paid to the details. In the exam rooms, they expect the same, plus a sense of privacy.

Providers want the above, too, plus the practical: Easy interior “flow.” Accessibility to supplies. Well-thought out and constructed rooms for specialized equipment. Ease of maintenance. And modern office and administrative space.

The examples that follow represent different types of healthcare practices, yet each has been carefully considered, precisely planned and expertly executed. Just as a patient would want from a provider!

Multi-family Housing

Here the concerns are different, be it for an apartment house or complex, or a facility for seniors. Private spaces, public spaces, shared amenities and behind-the-scenes infrastructure – built for comfort and style, market appeal, ease of maintenance, and durability.

Of particular importance is Hamilton Stern’s ability to work with property owners and managers to ensure the design and specifications of the project are followed in the quickest and most efficient manner – creating new opportunities for increased revenues while minimizing inconvenience for current tenants and residents.

The projects we’ve managed for senior living facilities are excellent examples of this approach.

Professional Work Space

It’s the best investment management can make: comfortable, stylish, contemporary space for all who work there. Conference rooms. Offices. Administrative areas. Restrooms. Break rooms. Lobbies.

In the manufacturing sector, the same principles apply: clean, comfortable, safe and efficient workspaces and shop floors that easily accommodate employees, raw materials and machinery, storage and shipping, and other specialized needs.

Make a statement to your employees and your clients. We’ll show you.


Proprietors know it and patrons feel it: Ambiance drives sales in a solid, stylish, contemporary and well-constructed establishment that complements the merchandise or service.

Oftentimes, retail construction must take place while the establishment remains open to customers; this places an extra yet not insurmountable challenge to the builders and construction managers. Hamilton Stern had demonstrated the capacity to plan properly for these situations and then to execute the project with superb craftsmanship, all with little to no inconvenience to proprietors and their customers and virtually no loss of revenues during construction.

Look for these assets in the examples that follow.

Single-Family Residential

Whatever the style imagined or the needs required, Hamilton Stern prides itself in the personal, creative, hands-on approach it takes in building or renovating a home.

Residential construction is filled with numerous and wonderful possibilities in design, materials, basic utilities, new high-tech amenities and more. So it takes construction managers and craftsmen who have the ability to appreciate the planning and design and then to bring it to fruition.

Especially in this gallery, look beyond the beautiful furnishings and notice the excellent craftsmanship and construction in each photograph you look at.

Your house is our house, literally and figuratively during construction, and we want to be just as pleased with the results as are the homeowners we serve.