Single-Family Residential

Whatever the style imagined or the needs required, Hamilton Stern prides itself in the personal, creative, hands-on approach it takes in building or renovating a home.

Residential construction is filled with numerous and wonderful possibilities in design, materials, basic utilities, new high-tech amenities and more. So it takes construction managers and craftsmen who have the ability to appreciate the planning and design and then to bring it to fruition.

Especially in this gallery, look beyond the beautiful furnishings and notice the excellent craftsmanship and construction in each photograph you look at.

Your house is our house, literally and figuratively during construction, and we want to be just as pleased with the results as are the homeowners we serve.



“They tackled every aspect of the renovation of this historic house, and the partners were constantly supervising the work to make sure it was done perfectly. Not only did all the work come out great, everyone, from partners to the crew, was always wonderful to deal with.”

Nelson Thomas, Residential Renovation