Pueblo Nuevo Phase I & II

Pueblo Nuevo partnered with Hamilton Stern to complete a large-scale HCR affordable housing project. Construction involved 13 three-family homes, a new 16-unit two-story building, renovations for a two-family unit, and the conversion of a four-story church into 18 units with a 1 ½ acre park and playground. An old warehouse was also converted into a community building. The breakdown: - Phase 1 totalled 87,895 sq. ft. and involved: - 13 two-story three-family homes totalling 39,000 sq. ft. - One two-story two-family renovation totalling 1,950 sq. ft. - One two-story 16-unit new apartment building totalling 21,800 sq. ft. - One four-story 16-unit renovation totalling 25,145 sq. ft. Phase 2 totalled 46,973 sq. ft. and involved: - Five single-family homes totalling 5,355 sq. ft. - 12 two-story two-family homes totalling 27,840 sq. ft. - Warehouse renovation into a community building totalling 13,778 sq. ft.
Pueblo Nuevo site exterior


Ibero-American Development Corporation


Scattered in Rochester

Project Completion Year


Design Professional

PLAN Architectural Studio

Total Sq. Footage

approx. 135K

Project Duration

13 months